September, 2008

Volume 6, Issue 2


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Welcome to the September edition of Scanlines, the newsletter of The Enright Company, Professional Video/Multimedia Representatives, 1801-I Parkcourt Place Suite 100, Santa Ana, CA 92701 (888) 334-7773.
Notes from Logan
by Logan Enright, CTS

Good day! As another fall approaches, leaves will be changing color, and temperatures will be cooling (albeit not here in the Southwest). We hope everyone had a fabulous summer – our family camped, fished and hiked. Nice times.

Infocomm Leadership Forum

The annual InfoComm Leadership Forum was held in Reston Virginia from August 27-29. Logan Enright presides in his fourth year as chair of the Independent Rep Council (IRC). His fourth time at this event, the IRC developed and worked on many important initiatives for the council. InfoComm hosts councils from manufacturers, integrators, consultants, rental/staging, presentations, technology managers and more. While at the Leadership Forum they partake in cross-council meetings, strategic planning, governance of InfoComm and related activities. Thanks to InfoComm for a great event as usual!


Independent Rep Council and InfoComm staff members at the annual Leadership Forum

Enright Company New Fall Marketing Plan
Road Shows and Golf

The past two falls we held extensive road shows (8-9 cities over three months) in this region. Our new Fall Marketing Plan going forward is to conduct those road shows when InfoComm is on the East Coast (every other year through 2013). When InfoComm is in Las Vegas (alternate years) we will hold a series of golf tournaments. Our golf 2008 tournament schedule is:

Wed Sept 10, Brookside, Pasadena, CA
Wed, Oct 15, Tilden Park GC, Berkeley , CA
Wed, Nov 12, Silverado GC, Scottsdale , AZ

In this Issue of Scanlines

In this issue of Scanlines we cover new and very exciting products from RGB Spectrum – including their first projection edge blender, Hall Research and their new routers and Vaddio – the all new ProductionVIEW HD. Additionally see the introduction of Salitek/Orion seamless plasmas (amazing only 2mm border) to our arsenal.

Thanks for your participation in our survey on the economy from the last issue of Scanlines. Of course much has transpired since that March poll, hopefully your firm is riding out these challenging economic times – as we always say “Create your own economy”.

Thanks for scanning Scanlines and please send me your comments, thoughts and questions!
- Logan Enright,

QuadView HD

by Logan Enright, CTS

The new QuadView HD by RGB Spectrum,, far exceeds the capabilities and image quality of previous systems - and that of its competitors. It offers the most powerful image processing available in a multi-viewer, with outstanding image quality, a web based control, dynamic window sizing, borders and titling, and smooth zoom/pans.

The QuadView HD accepts high resolution DVI, RGB, HDTV, S-Video, component and NTSC/PAL composite video. Up to twenty-four sources can be connected, any four of which can be displayed simultaneously. The QuadView HD offers the highest quality graphics and HDTV rendition, with state-of-the-art deinterlacing and scaling. Picture quality sets a new standard for the industry.

Two exciting new options are offered. The Background Video Option includes a package of capabilities, including an on-screen-digital clock, logo or other foreground graphic, a live background or static backgrounds loaded over the Ethernet. A second option offers KVM capability to provide control of any computer or network controllable device displayed. Best yet, KvM™ is RGB Spectrum's patent pending implementation of traditional KVM, with full bandwidth video directly connected to the processor; only control signals are passed over the network. This implementation guarantees real time video performance, unavailable in other systems.

Vaddio Impresses with New Production View HD

by John Harmyk

Vaddio,, the leading manufacturer of specialty PTZ (pan, tilt and zoom) cameras and camera control systems used in the broadcasting, audio/visual and videoconferencing industries, has introduced some new products.

The newest addition to the Vaddio product line, ProductionVIEW HD, is a multi-camera control system designed to handle the most demanding live broadcast or staging events, yet it’s still simple enough to allow a novice to shoot like a pro. ProductionVIEW HD integrates PTZ camera control and multi-format HD/SD live switching with real-time graphics and effects into one easy-to-use control console.

The redesigned ProductionVIEW HD gives users real-time control of more functions than previous systems. Because ProductionVIEW HD is a live broadcast console, not a computer, the entire system produces only one frame of delay — a critical requirement where image magnification is used.

• Six (6) Inputs - any combination of component HD, RGBHV or SD Video
• Focus and Iris pots on control surface for making manual adjustments
• Six discrete auto-sensing RS-232 camera control ports
• Lower Screen Graphics Over-lay mode
• Selectable Cut, Fade and a variety of Wipe transitions
• 3-Axis Hall Effect Joystick
• Adjustable Pan, Tilt and Zoom Speed knobs
• 12 Camera presets
• Transition Speed Adjustment
• Compatible with Vaddio, Sony and Canon PTZ Camera Systems

A great addition to the ProductionVIEW line of products is the new ProductionVIEW Rack Enclosure, as it adds the finishing touch to whatever ProductionVIEW system you choose. Complete with a sliding shelf in the lower rack bay, the rack enclosure fits large HD switchers/mixers or any of the ProductionVIEW consoles.

Also new to Vaddio, the first CCU (camera control unit) for robotic PTZ cameras, the Vaddio Quick-Connect CCU enables you to adjust iris, gain, color and detail with the turn of a pot.

The Quick-Connect CCU's cabling system allows the integrator to use standard CAT-5 cabling to run both HD and SD video, camera power, black burst sync and camera control up to 500 feet. Using Vaddio's High Speed Differential Signaling (HSDS) provides for a high bandwidth, low loss video signal to ensure high definition quality up to 500' *152.4m).

Vaddio personnel will be at our golf tournaments – be sure to sign up right away to ensure your time with our friends from Minnesota! Remember, good golf is not a requirement!

HRT Introduces 2RU Compact 16x16 AV Matrix Switch

by Dave Fahrbach, CTS

Hall Research Technologies, Inc. (HRT),, has introduced the most compact 16x16 VGA/HDTV Matrix Switch with balanced pro-audio in a 2 RU enclosure. The Model VSM-I-AP-16-16 is controlled via the front panel, serial RS-232, and IP ports. All AV and control connections are on the rear of the rack-mountable unit. Standard HD15 video connectors directly tie to PCs or LCD's and can also be used with YPbPr video signals.

This high performance matrix is compatible with PC video to 1920x1600 or analog SD/HDTV Component Video from 480i to 1080p.

Stereo audio inputs may be routed to follow the video or switched independently. Balanced stereo outputs on screw terminals are provided that can be set to either standard line level of –10 dBV or professional level of +4 dBu.

Each audio input features a user programmable gain or attenuation stage with a range of +6 dB to –24 dB. This allows normalization of volume levels among all the sources so when outputs are switched between inputs with different audio levels, the signal remains at a constant volume. In addition, during the audio gain adjustment, the front panel LED’s act as a precision VU bar level meter.

Built-in battery-backed clock/calendar and easy scheduling feature enables the matrix to recall various preset patterns at specified times throughout the day.

Other advanced innovations include, self monitoring of temperature, power supply voltage levels, and battery status with warning lights if out of range parameters are detected. Simple but powerful ASCII command set is provided for easy remote control of the matrix from RS-232 serial port as well as the IP port.

The Model VSM-I-AP-16-16 is designed and manufactured at HRT’s Tustin, California plant.

For additional information please contact Gail Haghjoo (800) 959-6439 - Hall Research Technologies, 1163 Warner Avenue Tustin, CA 92780

Mullion – Or Lack Thereof - Defined by Orion

by Dave Fahrbach, CTS

Wikipedia defines mullion as “a structural element which divides adjacent window units”. Substitute plasma for window and you get Orion. Distributed exclusively in the US by Salitek,, out of Chicagoland,, Orion has introduced the world’s first near-seamless or thin-mullion 42” plasma. That specification is less than 3mm, or the thickness of a silver dollar!

Many had not heard the word mullion until the borderless plasma world arrived. The benefit of thin mullion is that in an array such as say 2x2, or media wall, the minimizing of it creates a look which appears like one continuous display!

The Orion is an infinitely expandable multi-PDP (plasma display panel) and features Four-Sided Dead Zone Free technology – the core technology allowing the image to reach the edge of the unit. Orion displays may be configured in a variety of configurations (2x2, 3x3, 1x3, 1x4, etc) yielding a very high impact look!
Orion panels are ideal for a variety of applications, from network operating centers (NOCs) to public display and themed entertainment applications. Orion provides an input processor which supports resolution up to 1600x1200 or 1080P. The Orion multiple screen control software allows RS-232C for third party control products and media playback from a standard PC with Windows operating system. The RGB Spectrum MediaWall series is the perfect compliment to Orion systems.

The Orion MIS4220 features an anti-glare surface. The MIS4220R adds a reinforced edge for the rental staging market. The MIS4230 adds burn in compensation (BIC) technology to the existing features of the MIS4220. All of Orion products are currently shipping.


Enright Co. Sales Meetings

Sep 8-9

HQ Santa Ana, CA

John Sperber birthday (Liberty Wire & Cable )

Sep 9


Enright Company Golf Tournament

Sep 10

Brookside GC, Pasadena, CA

CSI Western Regional Conf (Construction Specifiers)

Sep 18-21

Monterey, CA

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