March, 2009

Volume 7, Issue 1


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Welcome to the March edition of Scanlines, the newsletter of The Enright Company, Professional Video/Multimedia Representatives, 1801-I Parkcourt Place Suite 100, Santa Ana, CA 92701 (888) 334-7773.
Notes from Logan
by Logan Enright, CTS

What can we say that hasn’t been said already – “when will it come back”? Of course it will – perhaps not overnight, but it will. “At least we have our health?” We pray so. The president of one of our integrators said to me that in this economy this is a good time for prayer. Good not-from-this-world words in this ever so here-now business world.

It is a time to keep our minds clear of negative thoughts and undue pressure - that which we cannot affect. Through exercise, reading and simple pleasures – enjoy your spouse, dog, your kids, a good walk, new music or a simple new hobby. Go gardening – work with your hands. The weather has been beautiful in the west – our region. Fresh cool air after cleansing rains. These are the real-deals – the real article. The market and finance is just one aspect of our lives.

It is important, however, not to shut down professionally. We must not be so consumed with concern over the economy that we don’t continue to do all the things that got us to where we are in the industry. Read the trades, show up, dress the part, learn, go to shows, engage with new and old clients – even when the word is that not much is happening. Keep on keepin’ on…

We have heard a recession is defined as when the guy next door is out of work, a depression when we lose our jobs. The energetic, clever, knowledgeable, selfless, dynamic and focused will be fine in this thing – the rest will hopefully acquire those skills.

* * *

This month we focus Scanlines on three of our manufacturers: Tightrope Media, Hall Research and Broadata. Tightrope Media Systems,, founder Andy Stark’s piece entitled “Planning for Digital Signage” is a great article on how to really think through the deployment of a DS project. Hall Research Technologies (HRT),, is growing significantly for Enright Company and our internal forecast is bullish on this local firm – their name is now a familiar one in pro AV circles. Broadata Commutations, Inc. (BCI),, has introduced a unique line of miniature fiber optic links which support HDMI and HD SDI. Read on!

Hall Research Technologies (HRT)
Launches New VSM Router Line

by Dave Fahrbach, CTS

Tustin, CA. The VSM series routing switchers from Hall Research Technologies (also known as HRT),, support matrices of video (multi format), audio (line or pro) and IP up to 16 inputs x16 outputs. A very cool feature is all inputs and outputs can support RJ45, or Cat X. These outputs terminate at various other Hall products (boxes or wall plates), with resolutions up to 1920x1200, including 1080p.

This all new series of switchers includes a real time clock, allows the user to build presets and scheduling capabilities. Easy to program, each output is capable of independently displaying any of the inputs. The VSM series allows manual switching using front panel illuminated buttons, or through one or two serial RS232 control ports and/or optional IP port. Each CAT X output can allow Video, Audio and RS-232 (each port independently addressable).

The routers have a variety of options that are configurable. A very simple configuration tool on the HRT site is available to help create the correct part number based on the options selected.

The VSM-16-16 is ideal for government applications, TV broadcasting environments, multi-media conference halls, public facilities, large display projects, schools, courtrooms, and command & control centers.

Based in Tustin, CA, Hall Research Technologies is one of the fastest growing companies in the pro AV field. See HRT and other fine manufacturers at the semi annual Enright Company Sojourn Road Shows this fall – coming to a hotel near you!

Broadata Introduces Mini Series Fiber Links

by John Harmyk

Torrance, CA. Broadata Communications Inc., (BCI),,  is proud to announce two products in the new BCI “mini” series of products.

The Mini-RGB-AD is a new “mini” product for transmission of high resolution RGBHV/Y PbPr + Stereo Audio + RS-232 data over a single multimode fiber!

The Mini-RGB-AD will support resolutions up to UXGA (1600 X 1200 @ 60 Hz.) and is switchable for operation with computer RGBHV or YPbPr from a DVD or Blue Ray player. In this mode, the product supports full HDTV resolutions up to 1080P/60. In addition, the product supports bi-directional stereo audio and 2 channels of bi-directional RS-232 data. All of these features operate on a single Multimode fiber! Typical application is transmission from a computer to a flat panel display.

If Blue Ray extension over HDMI is required, BCI has a new product , the Mini-HDMI-AD in a small form factor packaging. The Mini-HDMI product also supports HD video up to 1080P/60 as well as analog stereo audio and RS-232 Data over a single multimode fiber. It is fully compatible with HDCP encrypted content and has zero compression and zero bit reduction. DDC signals are also supported. Typical application is Blue Ray extension to a flat panel display.

See Broadata at our upcoming Enright Company Sojourn Road Shows this fall – coming to a hotel near you!

Planning a Digital Signage System

by Andrew Starks, co-founder Tightrope Media Systems

Recently, we saw a request for proposals from a very prestigious art institute. It called for, amongst all of the other details necessary for a multimillion dollar expansion, digital signage. Someone or some group within the organization saw a need for the technology, but details did not make it to the RFP.

This is very common. The need and implementation for heating, air conditioning and fire safety systems is well established, as are the various methods of implementing them. Reading those sections of an RFP results in an experienced contractor looking for the key elements and skimming the portions he's read a thousand times. We're not yet there with digital signage. Every system is new and nobody seems sure on how to plan for one.

Planning for a digital signage system can mean different things to various stakeholders, but there is a process. It starts with identifying the uses for the system, the users of the system and then the audience and their environment. Once you have a clear picture of these elements, you can match the requirements to the location and size of your monitors, methods of video distribution and the abilities of your digital signage system. There are a lot of details hidden in these ideas, so if you want to learn more, read the full article on my blog.


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Mar 25


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Assoc. of College Unions Int'l Converence (Tightrope exhibiting) ACUI 89th Annual Converence

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