November, 2004

Volume 2, Issue 4

Welcome to the November edition of Scanlines, the newsletter of The Enright Company, Professional Video/Multimedia Representatives, 17852 E. 17th Street, Suite 112, Tustin, CA (888) 334-7773.


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Our manufacturers often produce something special - equipment that is unique. These products offer integrators an advantage when it comes to price, performance or features that are in demand among their customers.


RGBRGB Spectrum launched their newest small wall processor, allowing multiple windows to be displayed across small arrays of 1x2, 1x3, 1x4, 2x2. By using a combination of the Computer Wall processor and the SuperView windowing processor, windows can be displayed any size, any position, always realtime on the wall at up to1600x1200 resolution.

A 2 x 2 configuration is an ideal solution for the display of video or computer signals up to 1600 x 1200 resolution. A 1 x 2 configuration is an ideal solution for displaying 16:9 HDTV images up to 1920 x 1080p resolution on standard 4:3 projectors or displays Any combination of HD, SD and computer sources can be shown, beautifully scaled. 



Enright Company Commences 20th Year

It was in August of 1985 that we first “put out our shingle”. Our modest beginnings were in the guest house adjacent to my garage in Long Beach. This worked out very nicely for the first year or two. We moved to Tustin in 1986, and since then have had three different offices here in Orange County.

Primarily purveyors of broadcast or video teleproduction lines in the early days, we morphed slightly over the years. Although still very active in video, as the market changed, we followed our dealers into the commercial AV field where the volume is greater and market is broader.

What continues to stir our passion for this business is the people and the products – both ever changing. This field continues to push the envelope of technology.

In addition to all the people who have been with The Enright Company over the years, we must thank our respected dealer sales associates, manufacturers and friends in the industry who have backed us all these years. They say behind every successful person or company is a lot of people who wanted them to be successful. We feel privileged to be partners with this team of professionals in a fun, challenging and vibrant field.

Logan Enright
November, 2004



The Great American Pastime (GAP) Tour, an Enright Company event, was well received by our dealers this summer. We took people to Major League Baseball games in Oakland, Anaheim and Phoenix compliments of RGB Spectrum, Liberty Wire, Focus Enhancements and Hall Research Technology.

Enright Company’s Digital Signage Tour hit Las Vegas this fall. Dave Fahrbach from our group hosted this event at prominent systems integration firms in November. MPEG servers by Focus Enhancements were featured.

Focus Enhancements FireFly MPEG players were also on display. This mid day event was catered with sandwiches and California Rolls and well attended by local integrators.

Logan Enright attended the ICIA Fall leadership Conference in Fairfax, VA in September. This two day annual event brought together manufacturers, dealers, consultants, end users, and manufacturers representatives from the commercial AV industry.

We honor and acknowledge the loss of three industry veterans: Damian DiCarlo of Communications Specialties; Jim Hullfish, retired from Sharp Electronics and Greg Bendick of Kinetic AV.

Hope Fox, 2nd grade daughter of Pete Fox, our esteemed office manager, scored a whopping seven (7) points herself in a recent soccer game! You go girl!!!


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