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Logan Enright
Logan Enright
Logan Enright, CTS, principal and founder of The Enright Company, has had a passion for audio and video electronics since his days at San Francisco State University where he received a BA in Broadcast Communication Arts. Logan was with a major manufacturer of video equipment in sales management for nine years prior to launching The Enright Company. Logan is a past two-term member of the Board of Governors of InfoComm (2004-2008) and served as chair of the InfoComm Independent Representative Council (IRC). He is a past member of the Southern California Electronic Rep Association, (Southern California ERA). For fun he sings and plays bass for the studio band, FOG, and sings in his church choir.
Patti Enright
Patti Enright
Patti Enright handles administration of company accounting, shows and marketing. She is a native Southern Californian who graduated from CSULB. She can be reached at

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